About Us

Our company, founded in 1998 under the name of Seral Industrial Marble, introduced the kitchen and bathroom countertop products made from mermerit as Seral Industrial Marble for the first time. Taking its power from the trust bond and quality focused understanding formed between the customers, in 2007 our firm has added the cover manufacturing to its structure under the name of Seral Dekor. In 2009, DUPONT™ CORIAN®, BASIC MONTELLI® brought a new perspective to the decoration industry with solid surface materials and in 2012, our firm proved to have been a follower of innovation with practice of Belenco’s® Composite quartz countertop surface materials. By the year 2014, our firm added acrylic cover, body sizing and banding manufacturing to its structure and began growing and providing service in an area of 3500 m². Despite being a medium-sized business from the first day of its establishment, it was recognized in a short time thanks to its commitment to quality and perseverance to accomplish difficulty and has never abandoned these principles. It has always gained profit with innovative approach and understanding of investment in human. Our goal is to be open to innovation, give importance to education and provide economic development and to become a leading brand in the industry without compromising its principles in the competitive market conditions. The unchangeable principles of the company have always been quality, service and timely delivery. Seral Marble Furniture and Decoration and Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company (SERAL), working with the principle of “The guarantee for the success and sustainability in production is honesty and quality of service”, is thanking you for your close interest and support you have shown, will continue to serve to you today and in the future as well. (Our company aims to make online sales in the near future.)